Karpathos_PatrikKnowing the basics The windsurfing is the simplest form of a sailing vessel. The basic difference from the equally popular surfing, except the rig, is that to move does not require wave but air, which ideally should be between 3-4 Beaufort. With less air is impossible to stand the rig and move the board, while with more air one should be very experienced in the sport for not exposed to risk to get carried away in the deep.

The windsurfing has countless friends and fans, and in 1984 became the 1985 Olympic and professional sport. Who forget the Gold and Silver medalist Nick Kaklamanaki (1996 and 2000), the first man to cross 200 km in the Aegean with windsurfing?

A few hours in the water are enough to learn the basics of windsurfing, namely to stay upright on the board, turn around, and keep moving towards a specific point. However, even these need lessons from experienced teachers and suitable equipment. The board should be flexible to the sea and easy to transport. It consists of the board (the board) and the rig (mast, sail, boom and link together). Beyond that, it is the athlete to wear a special suit and certainly vest-life jacket, bindings in the middle that help in handling the mast and secure on the board, but especially non-slip shoes.

Afiartis area for WindSurfing


Since 2006 takes place in Karpathos the World Championships Speed ​​Windsurfing on Afiarti area. For ten years the area Afiartis, located in the southern part of the island (where is the International Airport) is considered the most famous, advantageous and appropriate regions of the world for the sport of windsurfing.

The wind direction, speed and constant power throughout the summer in conjunction with the unique topography of the area make Karpathos be advantageous and has ideal conditions for the development of this sport.

All of these features remain constant for thousands of years as only coincidence can be seen that the greatest poet of antiquity, Homer, called Karpathos “ANEMOESSA”.

At competitions have taken place 60 top athletes from 18 countries and 5 continents, among whom was thirteen times world champion, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, and the world record holder, Finian Maynard.

The realization of the World Championship on the island and the annual establishment of a maximum sporting event not only for Karpathos but also throughout Greece since during racing series organized cultural events that showcase and promote culture, unique traditions and customs of Karpathos, Greece abroad as this is advertised in all media and a large number of European channels.